We are primarily manufacturing High- end Technology Electronic panels and gadgets for plain power looms. These panels are designed and fabricated with a long term vision, equipped with all necessary advanced features.  We are also manufacturing most of the spares for the power looms.

Our Techno R & D team headed by Mr. Sivalingam always obsessed with next generation ideas and implementation strategy which makes us a head of others.  Our Prime Management team Mr. Selvam and Mrs. Loganayagi are always passionate towards implementing updated and Up to date technology in our panels.

We are equipped with a fully loaded In-house set up, knowledgeable technocrats and highly skilled work force invariantly in all team across R & D, Manufacturing, Marketing and other process.

Our Vision is to provide High-end Technology Automation which enables efficient production with less man power. Our Moto is to invent, design, fabricate verify and then to supply these automation products for the development of mankind.

With pioneering in Textile Automation, We are setting up a new mile stone with our Techno engineered Automation gadgets in the field of Tele-communication, Agriculture and domestic Electricity usage.

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